Welcome to my personal website. Here you can discover some of my ongoing undertakings in research, promotion and education and interact with the companies I have founded in my relentless quest for human and environmental betterment.


Initially developed to aid and calculate my own trading systems whilst providing me with access to necessary information from wherever my wanderings take me, access to regular market briefings, diary and other tools are now available to registered members with weekly reports published to a large subscription. Meanwhile the hosting of seminars and workshops gives me insight into what other market participants of all levels possess.


A life lived around mechanical oddities has led to an innate practical understanding of hardware. The engineering company allows me to indulge in my passion for everything from intricate electronics through to complex engines with high class racing pedigree.


Originally a way to render resources through a number of courses at university, the music website was a way of keeping followers informed as to my playing appearances. Now the guitar teaching keeps me grounded in a near normal environment and allows me to encourage other young musicians to gain the same degree of pleasure I have from music.


A sideline originally developed in response to demands from an engineering challenge, the understanding of pre and post-digital photographical principles proceeding to prove positive with images continuing to evoke comment.

Website Creation

Underlying all of the above was a need for websites. Simple Web Solutions was therefore initiated and has since grown into an established web design office in its own right specialising in back office web design where the majority are often afraid to step.

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